February 23, 2016

Why isn’t the doughnut shop on Ninth and Irving on this list???

February 23, 2016

Why isn’t the doughnut shop on Ninth and Irving on this list???

The Jelly Donut

As a breakfast treat or a late-night snack, there’s nothing quite like the ecstasy that comes from biting into a doughnut. And whether you prefer yours light and fluffy, with unusual flavor combinations, traditional and at 2 a.m., or organic and vegan, there’s a doughnut shop in San Francisco that’s certain to please your palate. Here are seven you should definitely try.

1 Bob’s Donut & Pastry Shop

This Nob Hill spot is always open, which means you can satisfy your doughnut craving at 2 p.m. or 2 a.m. Just know there’s a good chance there will be a line no matter what. Bob’s is the place you go for a high-quality classic doughnut (and an apple fritter if you can get one before they sell out). It’s also the place you go if you want to eat a glazed doughnut the size of your head. (Which you’ll get it for free if you finish it all in under three minutes.)

2 Dynamo Donut & Coffee

Dynamo is best known for its Maple Glazed Bacon Apple doughnut, but Sara Spearin’s unique and refined flavor pairings make all of Dynamo’s light, chewy (in a good way) hand-made doughnuts worth a special trip to their storefront in the Mission or kiosk in the Marina. Other favorites include the Caramel de Sel, Chocolate with Raspberry Black Pepper Glaze, and Coconut. (Or, just: all of them.)

3 Happy Donuts

It’s hard NOT to be happy when eating a doughnut, especially if it’s a raised glazed from Happy Donuts. Open 24 hours a day, Happy Donuts is a traditional doughnut shop that serves the melt-in-your mouth classics you remember from childhood.

4 Pepples Donuts

This Oakland-based bakery has a doughnut kiosk at the Ferry Building in SF for those who don’t want to go all the way across the bay to get their vegan doughnut fix. Yes, that’s right. Pepples doughnuts are vegan, organic, and made by hand every day. But they still taste really good! The doughnuts are cake-like, but if you prefer the raised variety, they serve those on the weekends from 9 a.m. until 2:30 p.m.

5 The Heartbaker

Technically The Heartbaker is more than a doughnut shop, but if you’re only going to order one thing at this adorable Inner Richmond café, let it be the bombolini, an Italian doughnut filled with custard. There are a variety of options to choose from, but you can’t go wrong with the Nutella or rum custard.

6 The Jelly Donut

The only thing better than doughnuts is free (!) doughnuts, which you’re almost guaranteed to get at The Jelly Donut if your order is big enough (usually about half a dozen). Try the Maple Custard Filled Doughnut, but do so knowing that you might not be able to finish your other doughnuts until later. Also worth ordering are the glazed doughnut holes although they typically throw in a few for free with an order of even just one regular-sized doughnut.

7 Trish’s Mini Donuts

Yes, these mini donuts require a trip to Pier 39, but it’s well worth fighting your way through throngs of tourists for a bag (okay, fine: a bucket) of these sweet, airy mini doughnuts. Sure, they taste more like a churro than a traditional doughnut, but that won’t stop you from popping them in your mouth at an astonishing and incredibly satisfying rate.

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