July 27, 2016

These are pretty awesomely SF. check out these great photos!

July 27, 2016

These are pretty awesomely SF. check out these great photos!

At SFGATE, we’re profiling contributing photographers of our Instagram page. This week, the spotlight is on Michael Victor.

Through his Instagram page (@the415guy), Victor shares his unique vision celebrating the beauty and architectural flourishes of his native city.

“I look for different angles and perspectives of oft-photographed objects and landmarks,” explained Victor in an interview with SFGATE. “So, rather than take a photograph of the Golden Gate Bridge from a vantage point often frequented by tourists and photographers, I like to find that perspective that I believe is unique. That’s natural for me. I think it’s especially fun to capture photos of things that many people wouldn’t ordinarily think of when they think of San Francisco.”

It was only last year that Victor seriously channeled his interest in photography. Victor’s parents gave him a 35mm Nikon EM camera when he was a child, and he has taken only one photography class in his life. It was a beginner photography class offered through the city’s parks and recreation department he took as a child.

“My Instagram page is made up entirely of San Francisco photos that I take on my walks throughout the City,” Victor said. “As a single guy in a big city, it gives me the perfect excuse to get out of the house, spend my free time doing something that I love, and connect with some amazing people who I likely never would have had the privilege of meeting. I love showcasing all neighborhoods of San Francisco in photos, but I especially love sharing photographs from those neighborhoods that tend to be more residential, off the beaten path, and not featured as frequently on Instagram.”

Besides being a regular contributor to SFGATE’s Instagram page, Victor is also working on his photography website (

“I’m not a professional photographer, so when I opened my [Instagram] account and began to share my San Francisco photos, I had no idea that it would receive the positive reaction that it has received,” he confessed. “I truly appreciate all of the kind words and support from people around the City, around the Bay Area and the world. For me, I’m just doing what I love to do, and I’m happy to share San Francisco from my perspective.”


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