She lives and breathes this profession

She lives and breathes this profession

I met Gabriella by chance through an open house when she was showing a place in Midtown Terrace.  I wasn’t ready to buy at the time until well over 6 months later.  I interviewed five agents and knew five minutes into my conversation with Gabriella that she was the one I wanted to work with.  Not only does she possess a strong knowledge of the current real estate market, but she also has a great vision of where it is headed.  She lives and breathes this profession.  She is a people person, not just with her clients, but with the whole industry, which allows her to leverage her very large network for valuable information and input.

The SF market is a beast with crazy bidding wars even in this recession.  You really need an agent who can balance your needs with what’s realistically on the market.  She helped me purchase my house, then my friend’s house, and most recently my sister’s house all within the past year.  Gabriella knows how to present her clients so that your offer stands out.  For example she always includes a summary introduction of you with each offer to help win the seller over, as many sellers are sentimental to the homes that they’re detaching from  (in the case with my sister’s purchase where she was up against 30 other offers and the sellers were letting go of their mother’s old house).   With my friend’s search, she went outside the norm and found him a rare, off-the-market opportunity when she immediately sensed that the market was bracing for a huge upswing late last year.  For me, she was just amazingly patient as she guided me through a short sale process with tenant occupancy complications.  Needless to say we had to jump through some hoops to get through with the long escrow process, but thanks to her great networking skills, creativity and insightful knowledge, everything went through almost flawlessly.

If you’re looking for a real estate agent who can think outside of the box, give Gabriella a call now!

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