July 3, 2016

SF’s Stairways to Heaven

July 3, 2016

SF’s Stairways to Heaven

A city of epic hills means a city of impressive (and sometimes intimidating!) staircases. And nearly everywhere you turn, you’re faced with literal uphill battles here, so why not add a little fun and beauty to it all? Here are just a few spectacular San Francisco stairways that will take your breath away (quite literally on those extra steep ones!).

1. 16th Avenue Moraga Mosaic Steps


A very cool neighborhood project, this exquisitely tiled set of stairs (163 total) are located on Moraga Street between 15th and 16th Avenues.

2. Grand View Park Steps


Keep going up Moraga Street and you’ll hit Grand View Park. You’ll then need to zigzag your way up to the top—gorgeous view to follow.

3. Lyon Street Steps


Battle the hardcore stair-runners and climb nearly 300 steps from Green to Broadway. On the ascent, gawk at Billionaires’ Row to your left, and the beautiful Presidio to your right.

4. Baker Beach Sand Ladder


To get a spectacular view of Baker Beach, you’ll have to climb this baby, and, oh, will it burn as your feet sink right into that sand…

5. Filbert Steps


To make your way up to Coit Tower, you’ll want to take this steep wooden staircase that winds you through lush gardens and charming houses.

6. Hidden Garden Steps


Just a few blocks from the 16th Avenue Steps at Moraga is another gorgeous community art project—this one is at 16th and Kirkham.

7. Baker Street Steps


Hop one block over from the Lyon Street Stairs to climb this steeper (and far less busy) stairway on Baker Street. You’ll get an incredible view of the Palace of Fine Arts at the top.

8. Alta Plaza Park


Various stairways will lead you to the top of this Pac Heights park, which offers excellent city and bay views at the top.

9. Lincoln Park Steps


Another incredible neighborhood project, this beautiful mosaic staircase is located at the end of California Street, along the Lands End Trail.

10. Vallejo Street Stairs


Located between Mason and Taylor Streets is this beautiful staircase that cuts through the charming Ina Coolbrith Park. Expect awesome views of Coit Tower and the Bay Bridge at the top.

11. Saturn Street Steps


Choose to take the “natural” steps or the paved ones on the other side at this Corona Heights stairway. While you’re here, head down the block to the nearby Vulcan Stairway.

12. Battery East Trail Steps


These scenic steps will take you down to the Warming Hut and the edge of Crissy Field, right at the bottom of the Golden Gate Bridge.

13. McLaren Park Stairway


This long staircase in one of San Francisco’s most underrated parks looks out onto Visitacion Valley and beyond.

14. Sutro Heights Park

This slightly sandy climb offers some spectacular views of Sutro Baths and Ocean Beach.

15. Pemberton Steps


Close to the Saturn and Vulcan Stairways, these Twin Peaks steps pass through beautiful gardens and offer sweeping views at the top.

Have you climbed all these spectacular San Francisco stairways? Any ones we’re missing? Let us know in the comments!


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