Yes we are gearing up for a Fall unlike any we’ve seen in a long time. I am staying focused and staying present and really assessing and evaluating what is important right now. Quieting the noise.

My son Mattia (6) has been struggling with some very BIG feelings the past year. It has been a journey. The tools we are learning to help him have taught me so much about slowing down and listening, withholding judgment and leaving that urge “to fix” behind. This process translates to so many aspects of our lives (work included) especially as we all grapple with present circumstances. I only wish I had learned these tools at age 6!

One of the many projects we are working on is a bit of unseasonal “spring cleaning”. Please look out for an email in the upcoming week that will help me connect and hone in on how my team can help you.

Talk soon, Gabriella 415.794.8639


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Let’s Connect!

Let’s Connect!

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