January 18, 2018

Reminder to try the ICE CREAM ROLLS!!!

January 18, 2018

Reminder to try the ICE CREAM ROLLS!!!

Shell Dips: Everyone knows Gott’s Roadside for its delicious burgers, but the soft serve ice cream is one of their best treats. Just in time for summer, Gott’s has released an array of sweet new toppings including raspberry, blueberry, and peanut butter shell dips that add a colorful twist to your cone. // 1 Ferry Building #6 (Embarcadero),

The Trend: Food porn followers are familiar with the popular rolled ice cream trend that’s taken over Instagram. Tucked at the edge of the Inner Sunset, Let’s Roll Ice Creamery creates its sweet concoctions right before your eyes, pouring a generous amount of liquid ice cream onto a freezing stone before chiseling it off into perfect rolls. // 1152 Irving St. (Inner Sunset),

Food Truck Phenom: Fans of FK Frozen Khustard can now grab of a scoop of this creamy goodness at Trademark & Copyright, a new bar in SoMa. The smooth, black vanilla ice cream covered in thick drizzles of chocolate sauce in a blinged-out black and gold cone is like nothing else. // Trademark & Copyright, 1123 Folsom St. (SoMa),

The Classic: The original Swensen’s has none of the bells and whistles of your modern, hipster-hangout scoop shop (it doesn’t even have tables), but it’s a must on any ice cream lover’s tour of SF. // 1999 Hyde St. (Russian Hill),

Seasonal Flavors: Smitten is a hometown favorite that has proven itself beyond the semi-gimmick of instant ice cream making via onsite liquid nitrogen machines. Each scoop is made to order, and you’ll never regret ordering the seasonal flavor, bursting with fresh, local ingredients. (Psst…right now it’s blueberry lavender!) // Multiple locations,

Worth the Wait: There’s only one really good reason to wait in line for food. Bi-Rite Creamery delivers legendary ice cream that, in turn, delivers Instagram pics to forgive the queue around the corner. Go for the old favorites (balsamic strawberry, salted caramel, honey lavender), or take a gamble on the latest crave—don’t miss the Summer of Love (fennel pollen, hemp seed oil, and blackberry swirl). // 3692 18th St. (Mission), and 550 Divisadero St. (NoPa),

Taiyaki Cones: Uji Time brings another level of fun to soft-serve ice cream with cute fish-shaped cones, evocative of the traditional Japanese bean-paste-filled dessert. Head over to Japantown and grab your fish cones, each made fresh in about 15 minutes and filled with satisfying swirls of matcha, sesame or tofu flavored froyo. It’s the ultimate smile-inducing treat. // 22 Peace Plaza, #440 (Japantown),

Chimney Cones: From food truck to brick-and-mortar, Garden Creamery is turning the ice cream scene on its scoop with their tasty “chimney” cones, made from Hungarian cake dough twisted around a cylinder and baked to form its unique shape. Only available on Saturdays (2-4pm), these fluffy, sugary cones have ice cream lovers lining up around the block. // 3566 20th St. (Mission),

Ice Cream Flights: If choosing is agony, this one’s for you. San Francisco Hometown Creamery solves ice cream indecision with flights of five scoops of daily flavors. Move over beer flights, you’ve got competition for our calories. // 1290 9th Ave. (Inner Richmond),

Sweet Sandwich: The folks at Milkbomb have officially disrupted the old ice cream sandwich by stuffing scoops into a sliced, hole-less doughnut for one delicious sugar bomb. Opt for vibrant ube (made of purple yam and pronounced ooh-bae) ice cream rolled in mochi and fruity pebble toppings —taste the rainbow! // 1717 17th St., Ste. 105 (Potrero Hill),

Spin on Soft-Serve: Honey Creme is a small shop with major soft serve made from Taiwanese fresh-milk and dense whipping cream. Keep it real fun with delicious toppings, from honey comb to cotton candy or a sprinkling of popcorn. // 839 Irving St. (Inner Sunset),

The Black(ish) Sheep: It’s been almost a decade since the Humphry Slocombe opened its doors in 2008 (this makes us feel old), but ice cream fanatics still go bananas for Jake Godby’s irreverent flavors. We’re forever fans of the Secret Breakfast (bourbon and cornflakes), but don’t leave without saying you’ve tried the Prosciutto…or, perhaps Elvis (The Fat Years)? // 2790A Harrison St. (Mission), and One Ferry Building (Embarcadero),

Shaved Sno: Powder brings something all new to SF: gourmet, shaved-to-order, fluffy ribbons of icy ice cream. Snag the Cereal Milk, which tastes like the sugary liquid leftovers from a bowl of Frosted Flakes. It may seem weird but, trust us, you want this ASAP. // 260 Divisadero St. (Lower Haight),

Organic Forever: We’re never surprised when organic tastes good, but Tara’s Organic Ice Cream is next level. With ingredients like pandan and baobab packed into their guilt-free scoops, you can sit in their shops and swirl flavors around your tongue for ages. Saffron, burnt caramel, and Turkish coffee? Yes, yes, and yes. // 3173 College Ave. (Berkeley), and 4731 Telegraph Ave. (Oakland),

The Chez Panisse Alum: From Mary Canales, a former pastry chef at the Berkeley restaurant, Ici Ice Cream serves up 11 house-made flavors each day, all hand-churned right at the back of the shop. Watch out for long lines—this place is a local favorite. // 2948 College Ave. (Berkeley),

Gelato: Found both in Piedmont and hidden at the back of the Epicurious Garden in Berkeley’s Gourmet Ghetto, Lush makes delicious gelato and sorbetto from scratch in small batches. Their ingredients are 100 percent local—and 110 percent delish. // Multiple locations,

The Classic: Trends, schmends. Since 1894, iconic ice cream landmark Fenton’s Creamery has been dishing up good ole hot fudge sundaes and the whole ice cream parlor/diner experience. It even made an adorable appearance in Pixar’s Up. // 4226 Piedmont Ave. (Oakland),

Vegan Eden: Curbside Creamery is a vegan’s dreamery—say goodbye to always-chocolate and hello to flavors like cherry almond and pistachio, packed with cashew-based creaminess in every scoop. Or, how about a strawberry ice cream sandwich on vanilla shortbread? Nom. // 482 49th St. (Oakland),

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