Better late? Better never?

Who knows…. But it is March 1st and this is my February newsletter so that tells you something about the first two months of this year. Our market feels pretty solid right now. The cliff and/or “further softening” that many predicted has not (yet?) come to pass. Buyers are now struggling with very low inventory and increased competition as many have a general renewed interest in purchasing. I have gotten more calls in the past two months from people wanting to enter the market then I did all of last year. My listings are receiving a wide range of offers… some are around the asking price but some are much much higher. Most are clean clean, no contingencies or very very few. So the perception that the buyer is now in the driver’s seat is not all together true. The buyer is enjoying lower prices but competition continues to be fierce and we need more homes for sale. Period.

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Early 2023 Data Suggests Buyers Are Beginning to Jump Back In. December is typically the month that sees the year’s lowest level of deal-making activity – i.e. listings accepting offers (going into contract) – which leads to January usually posting the lowest monthly number of closed sales. (Sales typically close 3 to 6 weeks after going into contract.)






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