October 26, 2017

Its true. It just is. And the tourists here are even great in their own way.

October 26, 2017

Its true. It just is. And the tourists here are even great in their own way.

San Francisco is full of historical and fascinating neighborhoods. However, there is one neighborhood with wonderful food, music, social history, and thrills. If you guessed North Beach then you’re right. Learn more about this San Francisco neighborhood known for literature, culture, Italian history and food, beauty, and much more.

North Beach is a neighborhood in the northeast of San Francisco next to Chinatown, Fisherman’s Wharf, and near the edge of the Financial District.

North Beach was originally a beach until the late 19th can actual beach, filled in with landfill around the late 19th century. Things quickly changed after the earthquake of 1906.

A great starting point for North Beach is the Zoetrope building owned by film director Francis Ford Coopola. This is a great part of San Francisco to feel the pulse of the city. Admire the architecture and striking beauty here.

The Zoetrope Building is located at 916 Kearny Street

San Francisco’s Italian neighborhood is North Beach, and also home to incredible and authentic Italian food. After the 1906 earthquake, a large number of Italian immigrants created the Italian character of North Beach.

If you’re curious check out Franchino for an authentic Italian restaurant. Franchino is located at 347 Columbus Ave, 94133

The Beat Museum is dedicated to spreading the spirit of The Beat Generation. By the 1950’s, North Beach was a hotspot and renowned spot for writing and the Beat Generation.

The Beat Museum is located at 540 Broadway, 94133

The beauty, history, and charm in North Beach will thrill many newcomers and even locals over and over again. The best place to start is to stroll through and people watch, walk your dog, relax, or marvel at the marvelous architecture from Saints Peter and Paul Church.

Washington Square Park is located at Union And Columbus, 94133

Get a classic coffee and espresso from a North Beach cafe called Caffe Trieste. This is an old school spot for coffee that still seems refreshingly out of time.

Caffe Trieste is located at 609 Vallejo St, 94133

Visit City Lights Books to enrich your mind and learn how this bookstore has become an institution since 1953. City Lights manages to keep an intimate, casual, and DIY charm.

City Lights Bookstore is located at 261 Columbus Ave, 94133

Return to the Zoetrope to eat lunch or dinner at Cafe Zoetrope. This is an sidewalk cafe that serves authentic Italian pastas, Paninis, salads, and more. This place was named after Francis Coppola’s production company.

Cafe Zoetrope is located at 916 Kearny St, 94133

Coit Tower is right next to North Beach in Telegraph Hill. So, any trip to North Beach requires a stop to see this 210-foot tower that dates from 1933.

Coit Tower is located at 1 Telegraph Hill Blvd, 94133

Learn more about North Beach and the Italian food and character of this neighborhood in this awesome video below: