January 10, 2017

I’m thinking of taking Giacomo here this year.. has anyone been to Safari West?

January 10, 2017

I’m thinking of taking Giacomo here this year.. has anyone been to Safari West?

An African adventure in the heart of California wine country? Yes, it does exist and it’s not too far from San Francisco either. Safari West is a truly unique park. Here, guests can explore the Sonoma Serengeti on an African wildlife safari alongside herds of exotic wildlife or just take it easy in a luxury safari tent. Safari West has an amazing collection of animals on 400 acres, from bearded dragons to zebras to a 7,000-pound rhino.

Safari West is located at 3115 Porter Creek Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 95404. Find more information on the Safari West website, where you can find details about pricing and tour options, including private, wine, and rhino tours, and a girls night getaway.

See Africa in California


On the safari drive, you’ll see giraffes, gazelles, zebras, oryx, antelopes, cape buffalo, and wildebeests among the 900 animals, all in an exotic African Savannah setting.

400 Acres of Fun

Enjoy a fascinating three-hour riding and walking adventure in Safari West’s 400+ acre preserve. You’ll be riding through some rugged terrain—so be prepared.

Catch a Cheetah!


Among the 900 animals, you may also spot rhinos, Cape Buffalo, and a cheetah or two.

Get Up Close and Personal


Whether you’re in giraffes, birds, carnivores, primates, reptiles, or rodents, this is your chance to get up close and personal to some truly unique, wild animals.

Customized Tours


The safari tours are specialized adventures that can be customized depending on what sort of animals you’d like to see.

Wine and Dine


Safari West offers several wild “Sonoma Serengeti” tours. For example, there are custom wine tours and dinner options.

Enjoy a Room With a View


You can spend the night in a Safari West luxury tent, which are imported from Africa and built on high wooden platforms with spacious decks.

Watch this video on the many attractions and things you can see at Safari West:


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