January 22, 2017

I’m ashamed to say i’ve never been to the Farallons!! *but I can see them from my house

January 22, 2017

I’m ashamed to say i’ve never been to the Farallons!! *but I can see them from my house

San Francisco is a town full of awesome attractions, so narrowing down a list of its 10 most stunning places is no easy task. These spots capture the spectacular beauty of San Francisco, from its hills to its surrounding islands, from popular tourist attractions to local favorites. Check out these stunning places around our beautiful city

1. Twin Peaks


Twin Peaks consists of two prominent hills with an elevation of around 925 feet located near the center of San Francisco. The views here are spectacular.

2. The Farallon Islands


A mesmerizing place that sees very little tourists, the Farallon Islands are famous for the great white sharks which lurk in the surrounding waters. The islands are often called “California’s Galapagos.” This place is perfect for nature lovers.

3. The Rock: Alcatraz

Visiting this beautiful, historical island is not for the faint of heart—at its center sits the infamous prison that once housed some of the country’s most dangerous and notorious criminals.

4. De Young Museum: Golden Gate Park


A stunning building with a collection of art, sculptures, and more, the De Young Museum also offers stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge and other San Francisco landmarks from the Hamon Observation Tower.

5. Alta Plaza Park: 2700 Clay Street


This local fave offers great views of the city, plus plenty of green space, tennis courts, and an extensive playground. Relax and enjoy a view that will leave you breathless.

6. Mission Dolores Park: 19th and Dolores


Another local fave, Dolores Park buzzes with energy and creativity. There’s something for everybody to enjoy here. The breathtaking view of the skyline is just an added bonus.

7. 16th Avenue Tiled Steps: Moraga Street


Vivid colors and more prevail at these scenic steps. This gem proves that art isn’t only on museum walls. Take the time to climb the steps because once you’re at the top, the remarkable view will knock your socks off.

8. Lovers’ Lane: The Presidio


The Presidio offers a magical getaway from the urban chaos. Lover’s Lane is made for anyone (no just lovers) looking for a scenic stroll.

9. Bernal Hill: Bernal Heights Blvd

Bernal Hill, San Francisco

Bernal Hill offers amazing 360-degree panorama and unobstructed views of San Francisco Bay, the Golden Gate Bridge, downtown, and even the hills of the East Bay. Bonus: Bernal Hill is usually still sunny when Twin Peaks is shrouded in afternoon fog.

10. Fort Mason: 2 Marina Boulevard

Fort Mason, San Francisco , USA

Combine food and beauty at this captivating bayside spot. The Friday night food fest is held weekly at the Fort Mason Center. Don’t forget to enjoy the heart-stopping view while you’re stuffing yourself silly.

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