July 7, 2016

Have you visited the Tenderloin National Forest? and other garden gems.

July 7, 2016

Have you visited the Tenderloin National Forest? and other garden gems.

Jane Austen once wrote, “‘To sit in the shade on a fine day, and look upon verdure, is the most perfect refreshment.’” And never is that more true than now, when San Francisco is finally warming up, and escaping the city hustle and bustle to stroll through blooming flowers and winding vines seems like the perfect way to pass a weekend day. Supremely luckily for us, it’s not necessary to travel miles out of the city to get a taste of greenery. Here’s where you can slowly meander among nature for free, sometimes with a city view in tow.

Brooks Park Community Garden

400 Shields Street (between Arch Street and Ramsell Street)

Grace Marchant Gardens

At the Fillbert Steps between Filbert Street and Sansome Street


Fort Mason Community Garden

2 Marina BlvdUpper Fort Mason (north on Franklin)


Shakespeare Garden

On Martin Luther King Jr Drive inside Golden Gate Park

Historic Gardens of Alcatraz

Alcatraz Island


The Neighborhood Garden

Clayton and Corbett Avenue, across the Street from the Pemberton Steps 


Queen Wilhelmina Tulip Garden

 At John F. Kennedy Drive and 47th Avenue inside Golden Gate Park


Japanese Tea Garden

75 Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive inside Golden Gate Park


Tenderloin National Forest

509 Ellis Street (between Cohen Place and Leavenworth Street)


Conservatory of Flowers

100 John F. Kennedy Drive inside Golden Gate Park


Fay Park Garden

2366 Leavenworth Street (between Chestnut Street and Lombard Street)


Potrero Hill Community Garden

At San Bruno Ave and 20th Street


San Francisco Botanical Garden

1199 9th Ave inside Golden Gate Park


Garden for the Environment

1590 7th Avenue 


Alemany Farm

700 Alemany Blvd



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