January 8, 2018

Glad im not too late for crab!!!!

January 8, 2018

Glad im not too late for crab!!!!

After two years of rocky crab seasons, 2017 is off to a good start. As of November 16, hauls of fresh crab are officially hitting Bay Area restaurants and seafood markets. That sweet, sweet crustacean meat is scuttling onto plates all around town, in the form of crabcakes, risottos, salads, chowders, and more. There’s more crab meat around the Bay Area than you can shake a stick at, and the people are ready for a feast.

Here are some of the places to get your buttery fix, whether it’s a whole steamed crab, or another crab-focused preparation. Either way, arm yourself with the crackers and drawn butter, because we’re going in.

Did we miss your favorite crab spot? Don’t be crabby— let us know in the comments. We’ll be continuously updatingas the season progresses.

1 Hook Fish Co

Hook Fish Co., cool kid Outer Sunset fish restaurant and monger, is known for its good vibes and good tacos. For Dungeness crab season, they’re taking a different tack, putting their crab between buns with a new crab burger menu item.

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2 Thanh Long Restaurant

Dungeness crab and garlic noodles are the raison d’être for this Outer Sunset Vietnamese restaurant, which serves them year-round but prizes the local catch this time of year. They’re around $50 a pop, served with the owner’s secret garlic sauce.

3 PPQ Dungeness Island

With Dungeness in the name, PPQ is responsible for roasting crabs year-round, and it sources them from Washington during the Bay Area’s off-season. But it’s now back to local crab at this Clement Street banquet hall, where a popular option is the set dinner for two: That’s a whole roasted crab, imperial rolls, chicken-cabbage salad, garlic noodles, and a deep-fried banana with ice cream for $70.95.

4 Poggio Trattoria

Poggio has a variety of crab options, including whole or half Dungeness crab roasted over the wood fire, with agrodolce cipollini onions, clarified butter, parsley, old bay aioli, and kumquat. Or go for the chitarra lobster roe poasta with Dungeness Crab, preserved meyer lemon, fines herbs, and scallions.

5 The Commissary

The Commissary’s executive chef Rogelio Garcia is luring diners to the Presidio Destination restaurant with a unique spin on the crustacean: Dungeness crab gnocchi, served with New Zealand spinach.

6 The Alembic

Chef Rachel Aronow has added squid ink chitara pasta with poached Duneness crab and finished with crab compound butter, yuzu-fried sourdough, and bitter herbs, served in the body of the crab.

7 Delarosa

This time of year, all-day Roman-style restaurant Delarosa serves linguine with Dungeness crab, soffritto, white wine, garlic, basil and green onions, as well as Dungeness crab arancini with calabrese aioli. Both options are available at Delarosa’s Marina and FiDi locations.

8 Bar Crudo

Excellent raw bar and more Bar Crudo has just received their first Dungeness crab shipment of the season. Get half for yourself or a whole one to split — or also for yourself.

9 Anchor Oyster Bar

Crab season is back at this petite Castro bistro, where local Dungeness is served steamed , chilled, or with garlic butter. Round out the meal with a classic cioppino of generous proportions.

10 Woodhouse Fish Co.

You can always count on Woodhouse Fish Co. to have Dungeness crab rolls, but right now, it’s a crab bonanza over there. Stop in one of their two locations for “Dungeness Crab Madness” This year is a $1 cheaper than last, with $19 for a whole local Dungeness with potatoes, garlic bread, swiss chard, and hot butter.

11 Flores

Union Street Mexican restaurant Flores serves its crab in tostada form: That’s Tostadas de Cangrejo: with Dungeness crab, chipotle, and spicy pickled onions on a crispy tortilla.

12 Barcino

Hayes Valley’s newest Spanish restaurant will be serving up a special Dungness crab paella to celebrate crustacean season.

13 Rich Table

Evan and Sarah Rich are honoring the annual crab haul by subbing Dungeness crab for grilled yellowfish in their dish with with sukiyaki broth, Savoy cabbage, and pear ($17).

14 Hayes Street Grill

Hayes Street’s venerable seafood restaurant is serving up a cracked half crab with aioli and salad at lunch and dinner.

15 Jardinière

Jardiniere’s chef de cuisine Audie Golder is taking a different approach than many, serving Dungeness at the restaurant as crab dip with Cara Cara oranges and Yuzu aioli.

16 Buffalo Theory

Crab garlic noodles are now on the menu at this Polk Street craft beer bar, featuring fresh, buttered egg noodles, chili soy sauce, fried garlic scallions, and Dungeness crab.

17 Swan Oyster Depot

Take your place in line at this icon for fresh local boiled Dungeness crab, served with bread, butter and your choice of cocktail sauce or mayo. Those who’d rather avoid the tourist hordes can grab boiled crabs to go.

18 Blue Mermaid

Dig into Dungeness crab and corn chowder on Fisherman’s Wharf at the Blue Mermaid in the Argonaut Hotel. There’s also crab dip, crab cakes, and a crab boil with chorizo, potatoes, and corn.

19 Fine & Rare

Their yearly crab feed is already sold out, but stop by for wild caught Dungeness crab with heirloom tomato, romaine, six-minute egg, and shaved fennel atop a toasted split brioche bun; also available as a salad ($15.76).

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20 Foreign Cinema

18-year-old Mission dining staple Foreign Cinema is not new to the crab game: They roast their Dungeness and serve it along with vegetables a la greque (slightly pickled in broth in the french style), poached cauliflower, aioli, truffle butter, and steamed tiny clams. Youll also find crab on their shellfish menu, either half or whole chilled, with lemon, aioli, and drawn butter. And since crab is everywhere, they’re also adding it to their brunch frittatas.

21 Scoma’s Restaurant

Scoma’s is catching crab daily on their own boat, and serving them two ways: roasted, or over ice. Half a crab is $25, whole crab is $45.

22 The Saratoga

Swanky supper club The Saratoga has a Dungeness sandwich on their dinner menu to try: It’s served on a pain de mie bun with avocado, fried shallots, and a side of fries for $30.

23 The Morris

Chef Gavin Schmidt’s Dungeness crab porridge with lemongrass and carrot was a hit last year at the Morris, and now it’s back on the menu. It’s topped with tempura fried crab and greens.

24 M.Y. China

Despite its location in the bustling Westfield Centre, M.Y. China is a sanctuary for crab-lovers. Six different crab dishes have hit the menu, each focusing on a different province in china:

XINJIANG: Chili dusted crab with green pepper, shallots, and garlic

GUIYANG: Chili pepper crab with onions, shallots, and hot pepper sauce

GUANGDONG: Golden garlic steamed crab with shallots, fried garlic, wine, and rice vermicelli

DONGBEI: Salted egg yolk crab with wok tossed crab, duck egg yolk, and white pepper

SHANGHAI: Claypot crab with rice cakes, edamame, and wine

CHAOZHOU: Dungeness Crab in black bean sauce with garlic, green onion, and black pepper

25 Cotogna

Bask in the glow of the pizza oven, and feast on crab pasta at Cotogna. They’ve now added a pasta dishes with spaghettia alla chitarra, Dungeness crab, and bearss lime ($25) to the menu.

26 Tadich Grill

SF’s oldest restaurant is serving up its favorite crustacean six ways til Sunday, including crab cakes, crab cocktail, atop a crab louie salad, pan-fried, sauteéd, and more.

27 La Mar Cebicheria Peruana

Gaze at the Bay while you consume one of La Mar’s causas(whipped potatoes with toppings). The limeña combines Dungeness crab, avocado, salmon caviar, quail egg, and creamy aji amarillo sauce ($16).

28 Waterbar

This Embarcadero spot is now serving whole roasted Dungeness crab with kumquat gastrique, and grilled lime ($42), plus a Dungeness crab deviled duck egg with curried aïoli, and potato gaufrette ($18).

29 Camino

Camino’s Monday night supper is now crab-focused, offering a prix fixe menu for $50. Start with Dungeness crab broth with daikon and celery, then feast on half a crab grilled in the fireplace with farro, cabbage, and pickled chilis (additional half crab $16), and jaggery ice cream with apples and candied walnuts.