October 10, 2016

Eight Amazing Dishes To Eat In The Mission Right Now

October 10, 2016

Eight Amazing Dishes To Eat In The Mission Right Now

There is so much good food in The Mission that it’s often hard to decide where to eat. Luckily, I’ve helped you narrow it down to some of my favorite spots, and some of my favorite dishes at each spot.

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Pyramid of Tartar with fresh tuna, salmon & avocado with a side of honey tartar & sweet garlic ginger soy sauce with house made potato chips


A San Francisco staple, Blowfish has been serving up inventive sushi, cocktails, and appetizers for as long as anyone can remember. Japanese anime and house music make the entire meal an experience.


Toasted Farro and Slow Egg with porcini, parmesan, preserved lemon pistou, and grilled bread.


Holding it down in the Mission for over 15 years, Blue Plate has mastered the art of serving delectable comfort food. Have some burrata or albacore crude and wash it down with a perfectly paired glass of wine.


Gambas a la Plancha – Grilled jumbo shrimp


The authentic Spanish tapas and fruity sangria are enough to make you come back to this Mission District mainstay again and again. Which you might just do after tasting Esperpento’s albondigas and paella.


Tortilla de Patata – Potato and onion omelet.

In 1994 Picaro became San Francisco’s first tapas restaurant, and it’s been slanging delicious small plates ever since. This family owned business serves up excellent authentic Spanish food at prices anyone can get down with.


Yuzu Marinated Wings, Micro Greens


What started as a cute little pop-up has become one of the most popular sushi places in San Francisco. Ichi is the kind of delicious where, after you have it, you spend the rest of the evening telling everyone how delicious it was.


Onion Rings + horseradish like fresh fallen snow


From Pho to Scallion Hush Puppies, Starboard is all about serving up that comfort food that you’ve been craving. And the best part? They are stay open till 3am Thursday through Saturday!


Deluxe Tots – These change weekly so make sure to check out the board.


What started as one of SF’s most popular pop-ups has finally opened a brick & mortar in the Mission. The Hot Wes is honestly something to write home about, and Wes Burger’s jukebox – filled with tunes from Rooky Ricardo’s Record Shop – is superb.


Chunky Guacamole, with corn, tomatoes, lime, salt & pepper. Paprika dusted, house made tortilla chips.


Tyler, the Sheriff of West of Pecos, has this to say about the guacamole recipe:

Our Grandmother had avocado trees in her back yard down in Santa Barbara. This is her recipe, and my Brothers and I have fond summer memories of her feeding us bowls of it when we visiting.


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