June 1, 2016

Breakfast still thrives in the city by the bay!

June 1, 2016

Breakfast still thrives in the city by the bay!

Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, this list is absolutely essential. So, get ready to stuff yourself silly with breads, benedicts, pancakes, french toast, and bacon. It should all keep you well-fueled as you navigate your way around this incredible city. Here are the best breakfast spots in San Francisco.

1. Plow


Get your farm-to-table goodness at this bright spot up on Potrero Hill, which will satisfy health nuts (chia seed pudding), foodies (lemon ricotta pancakes), spice freaks (the Chinese breakfast), and the gluten-challenged (Annie’s almond flour pancakes) alike.

2. Outerlands



It’s worth traveling across the city if you have to for this cozy, minimalist Outer Sunset gem that serves house-made breads and pastries. Get there early – it’s all only available until it runs out. And a walk on the beach is the best post-breakfast activity ever.

3. Brenda’s French Soul Food



Know what’s the best part of waking up? Biscuits, brioche, and beignets at this New Orleans-inspired Tenderloin gem.

4. Zazie



This French-inspired bistro has been a Cole Valley favorite since 1992. Its menu spans the globe, though (especially its scrambled egg options). For something more rib-sticking, we personally love the French Toast Tahiti and the Gingerbread Pancakes. Of course, they’re best savored on the garden patio.

5. Dottie’s True Blue Café



You’re almost always guaranteed a long wait at this spot (which moved from the heart of the Tenderloin to the gritty corner of 6th and Market). But Dottie’s still keeps ’em coming with its new spins on old classics. We recommend a side of the cornbread with jalapeno jelly!

6. Sweet Maple



Yes, you can get some fantastic egg dishes, pancakes, and french toast (deep-fried!) at this Lower Pac Heights fave, but whatever you do, don’t forget to get a side of the Millionaire’s Bacon — as sinfully gluttonous as it sounds.

7. Mama’s on Washington Square



Forget the long lines for weekend brunch, and come early on a weekday for homemade breads, benedicts, and buttermilk pancakes at this old-school, family-owned favorite in North Beach.

8. Mission Beach Café



Brunch is an everyday experience at this Mission spot that focuses on seasonal and organic ingredients; posh dishes like the duck confit hash, truffle fries, and pancakes with bourbon syrup; and delectable pastries and pies.

9. Tartine Bakery & Café



This French-inspired bakery is in every single guidebook, so prepare to wait. (Tip: Go during the weekday for the shortest wait and best options). The breads, croissants, quiche, gougere, and (of course) tartines are specialties. (Another tip: bring friends and get a lot of different items to sample).

10. Red Door Cafe


Get your breakfast with a whole lot of sass (and some freaky dolls and troll heads) at this gay-friendly spot that serves up dishes like Suck My Cuban and The Brie Whore. Read the rules and obey them. This ain’t your average breakfast joint.

So, tomorrow morning… breakfast date? Will you be going to one of these places? Tell us your favorite breakfast spots in San Francisco.

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