About Gabriella Fracchia

Gabriella Fracchia is among the top 1% of San Francisco Real Estate agents and a member of the Top Agent Network giving her exclusive access to industry information.

Born and raised in San Francisco, and now raising her own family here, Gabriella has been committed to the city for over three decades. With her parents as long-standing experts in the industry, real estate is in her DNA. Her childhood dinner table conversations often revolved around the latest market trends, giving Gabriella a robust and nuanced view into this unique market. She holds deep expertise for condominiums, condo conversions, single-family homes, renovations, and multi-family assets.

Gabriella takes an “information first” approach with of her clients, running the scenarios and evaluating every opportunity from all angles. Her method creates not only great results, but allows her clients to make intelligent and informed decisions during every step of the process. As a proud alumni of local schools, Gabriella attended Pacific Primary, the San Francisco Day School, The Urban School and St. Ignatius College Preparatory, before earning her BA from Sarah Lawrence College and her MA from Middlebury College where she studied Italian in Florence, Italy. She currently lives in Forest Hill Extension with her husband and young son, giving her first hand experience in navigating raising a family in the city. When she’s not juggling family and work opportunities, she can be found either marathon training through the city’s streets or relaxing with a home cooked Italian meal. She welcomes the opportunity to meet prospective clients at any time, perhaps over a glass of Barolo.

What Gabriella’s Clients are saying

There were MANY things that she did for us that earned her five stars

My husband and I purchased our first home, and most buyers/sellers will already know that doing it in the city is a whole new ballgame. Any of the advice given to us by our families or friends in other cities didn’t seem to apply in SF, and we needed a guide. Enter Gabriella. There were MANY things that she did for us that earned her five stars (many of which you can see from other reviews), but here were the specific moments that made us so glad that we chose to work with her:

– Extremely prescriptive yet diplomatic in her coaching. Gabriella was really good at being specific about what needed to included in an offer to win the house, without being condescending, pushy or insensitive to the realities of our financial situation. She would give us the ALL of the facts and then let us tell her how we wanted to proceed.

– She was a machine. Gabriella took our calls early in the morning or late at night, and sometimes even late and night and then again early the next morning. But she was never in a hurry, never in a rush, and always calm and warm — even when an offer was due in an hour, she would say “We have time you guys. Take your time.”

– She is incredibly patient. We asked her so many questions. And we called her and spent so much time on the phone with her. There were days where we talked to her every single day. But she never made us feel like we were less than a total joy to work with.

– She is thorough, and will use every resource she has. Every offer we put in, she was able to get us information that helped us make educated decisions (how many other offers were expected, what a house might be closing for in the area, etc). She was also great at following up on houses that we didn’t get to find out what we could learn from those experiences.

– She’s personable. Once we closed on our house, I wanted to call Gabriella just to say hi or catch up, because I missed talking with her! She’s someone you’ll want to invite over for dinner once you have your keys in hand.

Oh, and probably the best thing an agent can do for you: she got us our house off-market in a preemptive deal, which we are convinced that we bought for an incredible value. It was completely because of her that we have our home.

I highly recommend Gabriella, and look forward to a time when I can work with her again.

Jennifer B.