About Gabriella Fracchia

Gabriella Fracchia is among the top 3% of San Francisco Real Estate agents and a member of the Top Agent Network giving her exclusive access to industry information.

Born and raised in San Francisco, and now raising her own family here, Gabriella has been committed to the city for over three decades. With her parents as long-standing experts in the industry, real estate is in her DNA. Her childhood dinner table conversations often revolved around the latest market trends, giving Gabriella a robust and nuanced view into this unique market. She holds deep expertise for condominiums, condo conversions, single-family homes, renovations, and multi-family assets.

Gabriella takes an “information first” approach with of her clients, running the scenarios and evaluating every opportunity from all angles. Her method creates not only great results, but allows her clients to make intelligent and informed decisions during every step of the process. As a proud alumni of local schools, Gabriella attended Pacific Primary, the San Francisco Day School, The Urban School and St. Ignatius College Preparatory, before earning her BA from Sarah Lawrence College and her MA from Middlebury College where she studied Italian in Florence, Italy. She currently lives in Forest Hill Extension with her husband and young son, giving her first hand experience in navigating raising a family in the city. When she’s not juggling family and work opportunities, she can be found either marathon training through the city’s streets or relaxing with a home cooked Italian meal. She welcomes the opportunity to meet prospective clients at any time, perhaps over a glass of Barolo.

What Gabriella’s Clients are saying

If you’re contemplating buying a house in San Francisco, Gabriella is the person you want to talk to.

If you’re contemplating buying a house in San Francisco, Gabriella is the person you want to talk to. Start that talk and before you know it, that house you wanted? It’s yours. Bam!

Gabriella is a straight shooter who knows her market better than I know the back of my hand – this basically makes her your go-to agent for buying a house in this crazy city. She heard out my initial enthusiasm, diligently sent me lists of open houses while I moved on into my oscillating phase, followed up instantly on my sudden bursts of apartment/home love, walked me through my neurotic fears when my offer actually got accepted, stayed amazingly patient when I backed out, and then was completely on the ball to get me back in the game and actually get the same place at my price! I’m not sure what I would have done in her place with someone like me but it wouldn’t have been pleasant.

As I mentioned to a friend recently, Gabriella is frankly awesome. Period.

Anjali O.